See a stunningly clear picture of the activity in your provider network.

We use innovative machine learning technologies to solve some of healthcare's most complex problems. Through care engineering, our products and services help hospital administrators improve the delivery of care, expand access, and reduce costs for patients while increasing market share and hospital profitability

Visualize Referral Patterns with Perception Health

Referral Patterns

Track patient journeys through your entire market.

Measure Market Share with Perception Health

Market Share

Clearly see where you rank and analyze your market competition.

Quantify Leakage with Perception Health


Identify referrals and enhance loyalty.

Prioritize  Relationships with Perception Health


Prioritize in order of critical success factors.

Measure Accountability with Perception Health


Identify and focus attention on physicians who need help.

Validate Strategies with Perception Health


Strengthen relationships and identify potential acquisitions.

Identify  Anomalies with Perception Health


Sometimes you don’t know what you’re looking for until you find it.

Prequalify Partnerships with Perception Health


Measure the impact of active and potential partnerships.

Recruit  Better with Perception Health


Identify high performing specialists across the country.

Healthcare Market Intelligence & Prediction

With at-a-glance visuals and personalized expertise from our data scientists, we have a full spectrum of tools to help you validate strategies and optimize workflows that benefit you as a provider, along with payers and patients across your entire system.

TEAM™ Powered by Perception Health

See patient flow inside and outside your network. TEAM Platform shows leakage and measures changes to improve efficiency and increase revenue.

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CARE™ Powered by Perception Health

Spot indicators of disease before diagnosis. Quickly analyze billions of medical claims to identify risk factors of early disease onset or surgical procedure. Diagnose and treat earlier to improve the quality of life for patients and families.

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CODE™ Powered by Perception Health

Manage service lines. CODE Platform's crosswalks give you consistent service line definitions that translate for every care setting.

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From pre-acute to post-acute, we track the full continuum of care.

More than 22 billion clinical referral records from across the United States, building at a rate of more than 7 million new commercial medical claims every day, we have the strongest and fastest growing healthcare intelligence service available.

With that information at your fingertips, you're not just limited to your hospital. Now, you can follow patients through the entire care pathway including your competition's facilities and visits to out-of-state specialists.

Physicians - Full Continuum of Care Perception Health


Labs - Full Continuum of Care Perception Health



Imaging - Full Continuum of Care Perception Health


Emergency - Full Continuum of Care Perception Health


Outpatient - Full Continuum of Care Perception Health



Inpatient - Full Continuum of Care Perception Health


Rehab - Full Continuum of Care Perception Health


Skilled Nursing - Full Continuum of Care Perception Health

Skilled Nursing


Home Health - Full Continuum of Care Perception Health

Home Health

TEAM Platform from Perception Health

In a 15-minute demo, we will show you exactly how to optimize care pathways.

For the average 100-bed hospital, we typically find $97 million of referral leakage. We can show you how much revenue you have at risk. By optimizing the patient’s care pathway, you can provide better, more affordable services, while increasing efficiency in your provider network.