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Find the leakage.
Measure changes.
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The TEAM™ platform's highly visual, industry-leading suite of market position intelligence tools helps healthcare administrators measure and compare physician referral patterns, volume, and market share by classifications, specializations, and individual patient patterns across the full continuum of care.

TEAM™ Powered by Perception Health

We have 22 billion medical claims and we add 7 million more every single day.

Already the industry’s most robust, and fastest growing data framework, the information from TEAM helps administrators identify and address referral leakage, prioritize relationships, and measure accountability, as well as helping them prequalify potential partnerships. With the same reports, physician recruiters are able to identify high-performing talent across the country.

Instant ROI

Most of us would like more time to spend executing, right? Our mission at Perception Health is to give you instant access and make it easy to manage the complex referral information that comes from healthcare claims data. You can look at a single doctor, a group of physicians, or see an overview of your entire network... including your competition. With that kind of insight, administrators usually see a clear ROI within the first few minutes of a live demo.

Visualize Your Data

TEAM's full spectrum of tools make it easy to recognize areas that need your attention. Schedule a time to talk with one of our analysts to see how visualizing care pathways can inform your strategies and help you manage your network for maximizing provider, payer, and patient benefits across the board.

Team Platform Hospital Organization Report
The Organization Brief starts with quantities of shared and same day visits, as well as unique patients. It will also help you quickly identify your most loyal primary care and specialist physicians, as well as those specialists with whom you have an opportunity to capture more business. We also identify your top contributing Cardiologists and Orthopods.

Team Platform Physician Brief
The Physician Brief is similar to the Organization Brief in many ways. It also includes leakage, the top procedure performed, and Coding Distribution reports.

TEAM Platform Referrals
The Referral Map graph helps visualize Organization and Physician patient relationships geographically.

For Physician Referrals, it shows shared patient relationships between physicians of the same specialty.

For Organization Referrals, it shows all physicians that share a visit with the selected organization and other organizations of the same specialty.
TEAM Platform Care Pathways
The Care Pathways graph shows the flow of patients through a specific provider. Left Side: Referrals to the provider from a specialty. Right Side: Referrals from the provider to a specialty.
TEAM Platform - The Specialty graph shows the flow of visits from primary care to specialists and then to hospitals.
The Specialty graph is one of the most powerful graphics that shows the flow of visits from primary care to specialists and then to hospitals.
TEAM Platform Share of Care and Volume Measures
The Share/Volume graph specifically designed for use in strategic planning. This graph shows an organization's market share and volume by classifications, specializations, and individuals within an organization.
TEAM Platform Healthcare Market Makers Graph
Market Makers is a fully interactive graph for Organizations that shows where your market is heading and pinpoints specialties where you can have the biggest impact. Click to “drill down” into each category of physicians by taxonomy type, classification, then specialization. Selecting one of the tabs at the top, you can highlight Splitters (leakage between 75% and 25%), All Physicians, or Loyalists (leakage less than 25%).
TEAM Platform Specialty Report
The Specialty report shows shared visits, unique patients, and same day visits grouped by specialty. It shows from which specialty a provider receives referrals and to which specialties the provider is referring.

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